How to Get Free Leads on Facebook


Every business – yours included – needs leads; a stead flow of fresh prospects looking at products and services. The problem is, most people get into business with no idea how to find new leads… they run out of prospects and their business is dead in the water.

Enter Facebook

Facebook how has more than 1 billion users. So it would stand to reason that a few of them would be interested in what you have to offer.

Finding free leads on Facebook takes a little bit of know-how, but apply these strategies and you'll have no trouble finding new people to to share your products and services with.

Get Social

Posting the same boring stuff on your wall day after day isn't gaining you customers – it's losing you friends. Join groups and like pages related to your business, and make new “business acquaintances.” Make sure you take your time and build some trust with your new friends before you start pitching them on your business.

Super ninja strategy #1: Ask questions… people love talking about themselves, and will often tell you exactly what they need. Also, take the relationship “offline” as quickly as possible… suggest getting on the phone, Skype or a Google Hangout. After a short conversation you can say something like “you know, I've been online all day… why don't we go old-school and chat on the phone… lol”

Most people will say yes… from there, just keep the conversation light and friendly and listen for where you might be able to help. You don't have to sell anything the first time you talk – this initial call is more about solidifying the relationship and learning more about your potential customer's needs. You'll be surprised how much rapport you can build in a 10-15 minute phone call.


mastermind groupsMastermind groups are a hotbed for business, if you join a good quality group. Don't join for the sole purpose of prospecting of course, but as you get to know your mastermind partners, you'll get to know where they may have needs you can fulfill. As you become a trusted member of the group and become known for your expertise, you'll likely get referrals for business in the future.

Super ninja strategy #2: You can find great mastermind groups using services like Even if you can't attend live, most groups set up Facebook group pages you can join – giving you an opportunity to network with high quality people from the comfort of your own home.


In high-quality groups there are always lots of questions being asked. Make it a point to answer questions related to your area of expertise whenever possible. Be careful not to spam links into a group, as many well moderated groups don't allow you to post links of any kind (even helpful links to your blog).

Super ninja strategy #2 – give a short answer, followed by “I literally just wrote a blog post that goes into WAY more detail – message me if you want the link :)” Don't be surprised if you get a bunch of messages and new friend requests.

Don't Be a Spammer

Notice that none of these strategies involve blasting people with your business on first contact, or spamming groups with links to your business. You're a pro so you should market like one.

That means getting to know your potential customers' needs, and showing them how your product or service could be a good fit. If you always approach new people as friendly and helpful, you'll quickly find plenty of new business.


One Final Tip

Have a lead capture page ready for when you have a conversation with someone who is interested in your business, rather than send them directly to your product page. That way you can capture them as a lead, and send them a proper follow up sequence – increasing your likelihood of making a sale.

Remember, most people don't buy on the first exposure so create a good (read “value-packed”) email followup series that keeps bringing them back. They'll appreciate the helpful information, and will keep you top of mind when considering your kind of product or service.

Sounds pretty easy right? That's because it is…

Set aside a little time each day for connecting with new people and adding value wherever there's an opportunity… once people see your value and see they can trust you, they'll become much more receptive to making a buying decision with you.

Stay cool and have fun!

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  1. When you reply saying you have a blog post that explains more. Do you write these to answer questions or do you only say this if you happen to have wrote a suitable post in the past.

    I’m tempted to find groups and grab common questions to write about. Even if I don’t do it straight away it’ll be a good source for inspiration and if one person wants to know something now no doubt someone else will ask the same or similar in the future.
    Kyle Cullen recently posted..Should You Wear Earplugs While Drumming?My Profile

    • Hey Kyle, great question! I only answer that I have a blog post that explains more if I actually have one… and if I get a question I haven’t written about and think I can add some valuable information, I’ll write one.

      Questions I find people asking on my site, in groups and forums are a big source of inspiration for my posts, and you’re right, if one person has a question, others will too ๐Ÿ™‚
      Dawn Marrs recently posted..ABCs of Time Management for EntrepreneursMy Profile

  2. I doubled my followers and gained 100 friends on Facebook alone from following what I learned the Facebook Profits Blueprint Training. I also have seen an increase in Twitter and Instagram followers. Click the link in the article and watch the free video. It will help you find more leads.
    Tamira Hamilton recently posted..Online Toolbox (Resources)My Profile

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