How to Grow Your Network Marketing Business Online

How to Grow Your Network Marketing BusinessSo you want to know how to grow your network marketing business online, but have been confused with the ridiculous amount of information?

Don't worry, you're not alone…

Frustration and overwhelm are two of the biggest reasons people give up on trying to grow their business online.

Thankfully, it doesn't have to be that way.

If you can follow a very simple system, you can grow your network marketing business online.

Here is one simple thing I have discovered to be true in almost all cases.


The most successful people have found a way to create authority, influence and a mailing list. (You might want to note, this is exactly the same with successful offline marketers, although I'd just say contact list instead of mailing list).

This tutorial will show you how to create all three from scratch:

1. Create a Facebook Fanpage For Your Business

I've talked about this before and you can click here for the in-depth tutorial on how to create it.

IMPORTANT: If you're not going to take the time to read the detailed article, for the love of Pete – brand yourself, or your own personal brand… not your network marketing company. Read the article to see why.

Make sure the page is clearly focused on what is valuable to your idea customer, and tells them immediately what the page is about. A random pretty picture with an inspirational quote isn't gonna cut it.

2. Post Content to the Page BEFORE You Invite Anyone

Make sure your page has at least 10 to 20 posts of valuable content that new visitors can sink their teeth into. Valuable content can be videos, blog posts, quotes, pictures and facts – keeping in mind they must be closely related to what your target audience is there for.

Don't make the mistake of thinking you need to produce all of this content on your own. Sharing posts from other respected pages, blogs posts from other authors etc is awesome as long as it provides value to your target audience.

Set up a service like Hootsuite to ensure you always have fresh new content posting to your page, even while you're on vacation. There's nothing worse than building up an audience only to neglect it.

3. Create a Lead Magnet

You're going to need to be a little creative here. Come up with something your audience will want so much they'll be willing to give you their email to get it. (I recommend you use LeadPages to create your lead capture pages… trust me, it will make your life a LOT easier.)

This could be an ebook, a special report, 5 weird tips, or a video.

How you deliver it is not nearly as important as what you're delivering. Make sure it solves a burning problem your target audience is having… do they need to stop their dog from barking, their colicky baby from crying, their nail polish from chipping, their weight from going up? Whatever their problem is, solve it.

NOTE: Your lead magnet needs to be free with no strings attached.

This product should be digital – meaning, they download it or you email it to them –  it doesn't cost you anything to deliver it.

Schedule this offer to post to your page periodically (in between all the awesome valuable content you're providing.

Once a person “opts in,” aka. enters their name and email in exchange for your free offer, they become a subscriber. This gives you the ability to email them… more great content as well as related offers. (Hint: This is where you start to make money)

4. Create an Email Follow Up Series

Using an autoresponder service (I recommend GetResponse), schedule several emails to be sent to your new subscribers.

What should you email them? Relevant stories, how to's, valuable information and offers to buy your products.

The rule of thumb when it comes to emailing is to ALWAYS think about what your SUBSCRIBERS WANT… not what you want. The more value you can give them, the more likely they will be to think of you when they're ready to buy.

Using an autoresponder allows you to be consistent, keeping you at top of mind and top of inbox. A great place to be when you're building a relationship with a potential customer.

5. Send Traffic to Your New Facebook Page

Now that you have everything set up, it's time to invite people to your new page. Yes you can invite friends and family, but there's a strong possibility they aren't your target market or “avatar.”

How do you find your perfect audience?

How to Grow Your Network Marketing Business Online Using Facebook Advertising

In a nutshell, Facebook advertising allows you to pay to get extremely targeted visitors to your site. In our case, we don't just want visitors to our website, we want to get Likes to your new fan page. You can reach your ads dashboard at

Facebook Page Like Ads


Next, you get to decide who is going to see your ad…

Are they male or female? How old are they? Where do they live? Do they have kids? What level of education do they have? What are they interested in? And you can take it much deeper than that… in this example I'm targeting “US Women between the ages of 35 and 35 who are married and like Avon, Mary Kay and Nu Skin products.”

And that gives me a potential audience of 660,000 people. That should do 😉

Facebook Ad Demographics


Pretty specific right? And a great starting point if you were selling makeup… advertising to women who have already shown an interest in similar product lines.

So, once you've created your specific audience, set up a budget – I recommend $5 a day to start. My good friend and Social Media Marketing Happy Hour Co-Host and Facebook ads expert Traci Reuter recommends spending no more than $0.60 per page like. If you're spending more than that, pause your ad and tweak it.

She also recommends you only show Page Like ads on MOBILE as you will get more likes for your money.

Facebook Ad Pricing


Once you've placed your order, your ads will start delivering and soon you'll start getting new page likes from your EXACT target audience… since they are the only ones who will see your ad.

Don't be afraid to reach out to your new fans to thank them for liking your page (with your personal profile). This extra step can go a long way towards creating a mutually beneficial long term relationship.

The Outcome

As a network marketing rep you have to remember, you're just one of thousands of reps selling the same product.

Remember, people only buy products from people they know, like, trust and remember. If you want to be successful selling online, you're going to need to set yourself apart and create your own circle of influence.

Follow these simple steps and you'll be well on your way to building a thriving audience of your exact perfect audience, building your list and creating authority in a crowded marketplace.

smmhappyhour-podcast-orange2Want more free tips to growing your network marketing business online?

 Join us LIVE every Tuesday and Thursday at 5pm for Social Media Marketing Happy Hour, where you'll get live training on all the hottest trends and marketing secrets in Social Media today!

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  1. Facebook Profits Blueprint Training is where you earned my trust Dawn. I am now loving this series making the connection between social media and network marketing. Social media is so key to network marketing so little relevant and specific training exists. I have been watching Social Media Marketing Happy Hour for only a few weeks and have seen such an increase in activity in my business and traffic due to what I am learning. This compounded with Online MLM Fusion and Facebook Profits Blueprint Training and I know I am on my way! Thanks so much Dawn and Traci!

  2. Hi Dawn

    Thanks for these great tips! Your tips on right-on. Especially like number 3. We should always be providing value and solving the problems of people in our niche market.
    This was my first visit to your blog… looking forward to more posts from you.
    Have a great day.
    Lisa recently posted..Blog Content IdeasMy Profile

  3. Hi Dawn!
    Thanks for the great tips. I’ve not explored the Facebook Ads option and was happy to learn more about it here.
    I am just working on my first eBook offer! Your post confirmed that I am headed in the right direction.
    Thanks again.
    Lisa recently posted..Think Twice before You Quit BloggingMy Profile

  4. Kevin D. Reese says:


    Thank you for the opportunity to read your book. I can not wait to implement your wonderful advise in my blogging. I am new to this form of marketing but with your help I can now see myself enjoying a great deal of success ! Once again I can not thank you enough and am looking forward to a long and profitable partnership with you for years to come.

    Thanks , Kevin

  5. Great post Dawn. Building your business online is great, once you learn what you are doing. There are many different ways to do it including blogging, YouTube, email marketing, pay per click, podcasting and more. At the end of the day you have to find a strategy that works for you and you have to commit to it for several YEARS. Nothing is really fast or easy. There is no magic dust. Most people come to the internet to build their MLM Business because they think they won’t have to talk to people. Or, they think it is easier. The truth is you still have to talk to people, even if you meet them online.

    Thanks for sharing your wisdom.
    Charles Holmes recently posted..March 2015 Month in Review for My MLM Blog and MLM BusinessMy Profile

  6. Awesome set of tips, Dawn! I do think aside from traffic, Facebook advertising is one of the best ways to drive page likes and engagements in your Facebook page.

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