Dawn’s Online Marketing Toolbox

Online Marketing Tools ChecklistMarketing your business online takes work, but if you're using the right tools you'll save yourself a ton of time, energy and frustration.

I have completely revamped my Online Marketing Toolbox once again, to reflect what is working for me on my blog and in my business.

I  only provide links to programs I use and have success with, so you can be sure they are worth the money (I am not interested in wasting money and I assume you aren't either).

*** UPDATED June 2014***

1. Autoresponder – I've tried all of the major autoresponder services and GetResponse is hands down the best, to the point that I'm not even suggesting any others. They have a free 30-day trial so start building your list today for FREE.

2. Webhosting – I use HostGator and recommend that you do to. I have used other hosting services, which I used to recommend but in my experience they have the best customer service and very little downtime. You can also host unlimited domains on one hosting account – amazing value for your money.

3. Blog/Website – I highly recommend WordPress for your blog or website, as it is flexible, powerful and has thousands of theme options. I do recommend using a premium theme as the coding is better and will save you serious headache down the road. I'm currently using a StudioPress theme on this site and highly recommend.

4. Lead Capture – The biggest regret most successful marketers have is that they didn't start list-building sooner. LeadPages is the easiest way to get effective lead capture pages created without the technical hurdles. Trust me, you'll love it.

5. Traffic – Ok so traffic isn't exactly a tool, but you definitely need it. Traffic is an ever evolving art… what worked five years ago didn't work 2 years ago, and what worked two years ago doesn't work now. That being said, Facebook ads are probably the fastest most effective way to get traffic right now. Click here to learn how with FB Ads Bootcamp.

On a budget and want to learn how to get free traffic? Click here for Facebook Profits Blueprint 

 Optional Tools

22Social – This one really isn't optional if you are building teams, as it allows you to an incredible amount of duplication. 22Social allows you to run live hangouts inside of Facebook, and each page can be cloned allowing teammates to leverage the power of team trainings. If you're in network marketing, get this tool. It's free to set up your first page, so give it a shot 🙂

sendoutcardsSend Out Cards – Probably the most valuable tool in my arsenal. Personal touch and follow up with customers is the most important part of my business and Send Out Cards allows me to do that in the easiest way possible – right from my computer. Send a card today for free… you'll be absolutely amazed by this incredible tool!

Search Engine OptimizationMarket Samurai is an impressive piece of software that will help you get your websites ranked quickly on Google and other major search engines. I've used many paid and free applications, and none is near as good as Market Samurai… outside of webhosting and an autoresponder this has been my best investment into my business this year.

Tweet Adder is an amazingly simple way to get more traffic, leads and sales happening in your online business. It is currently a one-time fee, although they will be shifting to a monthly model soon… if you're here now and want to get in while it's still cheap I highly recommend you get over there and get your license today before the price increases!

Traffic Travis – I use this tool to analyze all of my posts to ensure I've done everything to properly to get found by the search engines. An excellent tool for anyone new to Search Engine Optimization and the free version is more than enough for most people. It does have a number of other functions but I prefer to use Market Samurai (see above) for keyword research etc.

SEO Pressor for WordPress – Super-effective WordPress Plugin that tells you exactly what you need to do to optimize each post you write, as you write it! Get over 80% with their on-page search engine optimization scoring system and you'll rocket to the top of the search engines in no time… a must have if you're rocking a WordPress site.

Video Marketing Tools



Easy Sketch Pro

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From time to time, I will promote, endorse, or suggest products and/or services for sale.  My recommendation is ALWAYS based on my belief that the product and it's author will provide excellent and valuable information or service based on a review of that product, my relationship with that person, and or previous positive experience with the person or company who's product I am recommending.  In some cases, I will be compensated if you decide to purchase that product based on my recommendation.  In some cases, I will receive the product for free for review purposes.  Always Always Always do your OWN due-diligence before making any purchases.  Never purchase anything that you cannot afford. Most people don’t do anything with the products they buy, so most of the time, their typical results are zero. I don't want you to be that person, but I cannot be held accountable if you are.