How to Write Emails People Actually Open

The money is only in the list if you can get the list to open your emails. Discover 5 types of headlines that are sure to boost your email open rates…

How To Transfer Your Email List From Aweber To GetResponse

How to transfer your email list from Aweber to GetResponse. I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about how to transfer an existing mailing list from Aweber to GetResponse. For years Aweber has been the standard with internet marketers. But recently there’s been a shift in popularity towards GetResponse. How To Move Your Email […]

Is Your Email Marketing Mobile Friendly? Better Hope So…

There’s a lot of talk about mobile friendly websites these days… But no one seems to be talking about the importance of mobile friendly email… …and it’s kind of a big deal… Here’s what Litmus had to say: While mobile (email) opens are holding steady around 43% in Q1 this year, two years ago… mobile […]

How to Choose The Best Lead Capture Page Creator

As online marketers our most important job is building our list. So regardless of how you are getting traffic to your offers, there are two things you need no matter what… An autoresponder and a way to capture leads. In this series we’ll be looking at… you guessed it… autoresponders and lead capture pages! We’re […]